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Amateur diving training courses

Course - Diver

The level of training will allow you to dive up to 18 meters paired with a partner anywhere in the world. The training program will provide your theoretical and practical preparation for real diving.

The training is conducted according to international standards EN and ISO. The electronic textbook is freely available. You will receive an electronic certificate for your smartphone immediately after completing the course. The plastic certificate will be promptly delivered to you by mail.

High level of training. Strict quality control. All this is a Diver course.

The purpose of amateur diving training is safety, comfort and human health. The Diver course is the first step into the underwater world. This crucial step should be as safe as possible.

Theoretical training

Knowledge is the basis of security.
In the theoretical part of the course, you will receive the necessary and sufficient information on physics, special physiology, organizational measures and equipment to ensure that your dives are as safe and comfortable as possible. You will have the opportunity to control the organization and conduct of an underwater trip yourself from the point of view of the most modern safety regulations.

• First lesson: Changing the pressure under water. The basics of buoyancy. Diving equipment.

• The second lesson: Physical features of the aquatic environment. Additional scuba diving equipment. The partnership system is underwater.

• The third lesson: Breathing air under high pressure.

• Fourth lesson: Table of decompression-free dives. Dive computers.

• Fifth lesson: Organizing and planning dives. Coordination of joint actions. Types of underwater bottom. Potentially dangerous marine life.

Practical exercises

From theory to practice.
In the practical part of the training, the skills of solving all possible emergency situations that may arise underwater, buoyancy control and scuba diving skills are practiced. The training is divided into classes in indoor and outdoor reservoirs. In an enclosed pond, a scuba diver learns scuba diving skills and how to solve possible problems. In an open pond, he demonstrates them in real conditions.

• In the first lesson, among other skills, you will learn how to breathe underwater, clean the mask from water and help a partner in need of air.

• In the second lesson, you will master the basic skills of economical movement underwater, buoyancy control using special equipment.

• The third lesson is aimed at solving a number of problems that theoretically can arise with the equipment.

• The basis of the fourth lesson is the rules and sequence of controlled and safe ascent from great depths.

• In the fifth lesson, you already have the opportunity to swim independently and begin to master the skills of helping a partner in case he has problems with equipment or in case of lack of control on his part of air reserves.

• The sixth lesson is devoted to a number of skills for solving possible problems in a state of weightlessness.

The main feature of the Diver course is its proximity to real conditions. Teaching methods have been created and adapted in such a way that anyone can learn to dive, regardless of their gender and age.

There is no such person who is not given to be a diver. There are people who have not completed the training course yet.

The theoretical base of the course contains the basics of aquatic physics and special physiology, information on organizational measures and general principles of equipment operation.

Thus, you get the opportunity to evaluate the process of preparing and conducting real dives by employees of this industry (instructors, dive guides).

The guarantee of human safety can only be conditioned by the professionalism of the organizer and the control of the client.

In the practical classes of the course, the main emphasis is on performing exercises in real conditions in a state of neutral buoyancy. The comfort and safety of the scuba diver is achieved by the skills of controlling this technique worked out to automatism and honed actions in an emergency or any rapidly changing stressful situation.

All possible emergency situations are known, as well as the ways to solve them are known. You will get all the skills to solve problems underwater in the practical classes of this course. This approach to training gives NDL instructors the right to invite you into the world of diving and claim that this type of tourism is as safe as possible.



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