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Divemaster courses

Divemaster course - Studying in Sri Lanka

Course price:

$ 1050 / ₽ 95 000

The training includes:

• Accommodation for 1 month, course (training materials, cargo system, 12L cylinders), certification.

The training is not included:

• Airfare to Sri Lanka, meals, diving equipment.

NDL Divemaster

NDL Divemaster


The main player of the professional tourist diving team is a person with the status of a divemaster. With the large-scale development of diving tourism, this profession has become more in demand than ever. Millions of certified divers, coming to the world's resorts, discover the underwater world under his guidance. In addition, people organization skills and leadership skills are always in demand in all spheres of modern life without exception.

That is why the NDL Divemaster course itself is full of a lot of interesting information about organizing people, conducting underwater trips, navigation, controlling a group of scuba divers, planning and exploring the World Ocean.

You will have the opportunity to come to any world resort and do what you love there. But if you used to pay money for the happiness of flying in the ocean space, now you will receive money for it.

You can take a break from office work by immersing yourself in a life described only in adventure films like "Rescuers of Malibu". The dream of millions will become a reality for you:

Travel for free. Work while resting.

NDL Divemaster is the path of a man with ambitions.
Since childhood, a commander, a superman, a leader wakes up in every person. The whole of human history is the story of people making decisions and doing things.

The profession of a divemaster is an ideal way to realize a childhood dream: to lead people and open up to them the most beautiful and hidden corners of the planet. And every evening, drowning in a sea of gratitude is something that every person only dreams of waking up in the morning.

In the 21st century, a diving professional is a person surrounded by a large number of acquaintances. For each of them, he is a friend, and his life is an example to follow.

This amazing sense of self tears to shreds modern patterns that the world has become virtual, people are lonely, and social media communication is a new reality that you will have to come to terms with.

Real life is the life that is here and now. No stuffy office and computer monitor can replace the sun, tan, live speech and the real warmth of human hands.

It is well known that if you want to do something well, do it yourself.
The ideal way to ensure the safety of family and friends is when you provide security. The ideal way to be independent is to depend only on yourself.

The NDL Divemaster course is a school of real independence and an ideal training for the development of organizational skills of a modern person.

The work of a divemaster is a daily answer to the collective question "What to do?".
A divemaster is a person who knows what to do.

The National Dive League is a full member of the European Underwater Federation (EUF), and its programs comply with international ISO and EN standards.

The level of training of NDL Divemaster corresponds to the international standard EN 14153-3/ ISO 24801-3 "Dive Leader", as well as the Russian state standard GOST R ISO 24801-3-2009.

Compliance with the high ISO and EN standards means that your qualifications are internationally recognized and the level of training meets the highest international requirements. This gives you the right and opportunity to find a job even in the most remote corner of the planet.

The water geography is huge. Where there is water, there is diving.

Continuing education
Upon completion of the NDL Divemaster course and after gaining some work experience, you can enroll in an instructor course and practice scuba training. These are new opportunities, this is different money, this is a qualitatively new level of professionalism.


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