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Courses for beginners - freediving

Courses for beginners - freediving

Courses for beginners

Freediving or free diving is the path to true freedom and self–improvement. Free immersion gives a person the opportunity to feel complete harmony with nature and feel completely independent of any technique.

Only man and depth. The harmony of freediving is comparable to the mesmerizing beauty of a bird's flight or a panther's leap.

The NDL FreeDiver Level I course in just 5 lessons will allow you to make this harmony a part of your life.

Learning freediving at the amateur level does not require a lot of time and does not contain exhausting training. The NDL FreeDiver Level I course contains a number of simple skills and techniques that will significantly improve your result of holding your breath, and you will not spend a lot of time and effort on it.

Absolutely anyone can learn to dive while holding their breath. All you need is a desire.

The NDL freediver proves nothing to anyone. All that matters to him is his own opinion.

The goal of amateur freediving is safety, comfort and human health. The NDL Free Diver Level I course will provide you with the theoretical foundation necessary to fully ensure your safety. The mechanics of holding your breath and the rules for organizing the descent should be carried out in such a way that safety is guaranteed. The complete independence of a diver is determined primarily by his ability to provide himself with such conditions that his life and health are beyond any risk. And after this course, you will be able to provide such conditions.

Beauty–comfort–safety — one cannot exist without the other in freediving.

The main focus of the training sessions is on practicing the technique of free diving: entering the water, breathing before and after diving, skills of economical movement in the water column, safe ascent to the surface and much more. It is the skills of mastering this technique that will bring you results. You will dive deeper, your breath retention will be longer, and your fatigue will be less.

The NDL FreeDiver Level I course is focused on the possibility of diving in any conditions: With and without flippers. In a wetsuit and without it. With and without cargo. With and without a breathing tube. A real freediver should be able to make a descent when and where he wants.

Where there is water, there is freediving.

There is no limit to perfection

After completing the initial NDL FreeDiver Level I course, you will already have all the necessary skills for safe breath-holding dives. But you can ensure even greater comfort and safety of your dives by taking other courses:

At the NDL Free Diver Level II and Level III deep-sea courses, under the supervision and guidance of your NDL instructor, you will try to reach your first serious depths and master and practice mutual insurance skills.

In the NDL Rescue Free Diver course, you will learn how to act in the event of an emergency and, most importantly, how to prevent its occurrence.

At the NDL Master Free Diver course, you will learn information about how breath-holding dives are organized at a professional level. A competent organization is the key to security.


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