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Freediving - Hikkaduwa

Freediving - Hikkaduwa


A fun and exciting course in which you will learn how to safely and easily move underwater in freediving gear. This is a journey that will change your understanding of the underwater world and give you the opportunity to explore our exciting underwater world - the ocean. Freediving is an exciting activity that can be enjoyed regardless of age and where you live. Freediving can become your active year-round activity.

Freedivers are involved in one of the most dizzying adventures of their lives: a breath-holding journey into a weightless world full of incredible marine life. You become part of an exclusive group of underwater explorers that most people only dream of joining.

The ocean is a huge and mysterious place filled with creatures that look completely alien to our land perception. The correct knowledge that you receive and theoretical lessons with an instructor will replace any fears and misunderstandings with the anticipation of adventures.

Experienced freedivers can be recognized immediately: They move easily through the water or dive under the surface in one go.
Each underwater session is an opportunity to upgrade and improve your skills, see a new animal or underwater attraction, and meet new friends who share your passion. Let's go underwater together, where you will get this incredible underwater experience!

The sea lives in each of us. And the big sea begins with small dives, increasing both in depth and skills.
Our classes are a game process, where the bonus is knowledge and unique experience, travel and friends around the world.

It is also important to me that exploring the sea from the inside, we get the most positive emotions and do it safely.

From curiosity to experience and knowledge. Including the knowledge of the joy of victory over oneself, which, according to Lao Tzu, brings peace and happiness!

Freediving - Hikkaduwa


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