We invite you to take an unforgettable tour of the surroundings of Hikkaduwa, which includes a boat trip "Blue Lagoon", an overview of the turtle farm and spice garden, an excursion to the mine for the extraction of semi-precious moonstone, as well as a visit to the Buddha statue.

Buddha Statue - Sri LankaThe Buddha statue is a 15-meter monument built with Japanese money after the terrible events of 2004. The height of the Buddha statue corresponds exactly to the height of the wave that covered the coast that year.

When visitors approach the statue of Tsunami Honganji Buddha, they are amazed by its majestic presence and the intricate craftsmanship with which it was created. The huge scale of the statue evokes a sense of awe and awe, reminding visitors of the profound impact of natural disasters. Many are overwhelmed with emotions, reflecting on the fragility of life and the resilience of the human spirit.

Turtle Farm - Sri LankaOur Turtle Farm is the largest farm and the most remote place from Hikkaduwa. Turtles in Sri Lanka were exterminated in huge numbers, and when they became catastrophically few, such farms began to appear on the coast of Sri Lanka. Workers buy turtle eggs from local residents, take care of them until the appearance of small turtles, after which they release them into their element. Thus, the population of various turtles in Sri Lanka began to gradually recover.

Spice Garden - Sri LankaThe spice garden is considered an exclusively Lankan invention, in its structure it represents an area divided into beds and sectors, where, as in a botanical garden, various crops of spicy plants and spices are grown. This is a great way to get acquainted with the technology of growing spices and processing them into a fragrant powder.

Moonstone Mine - Sri LankaThe bowels of Sri Lanka are rich in precious stones and minerals, the most famous of which is the Moonstone. A visit to the mine with deposits of this semiprecious stone will introduce you to the process of its extraction, sorting and processing, and you will also have the opportunity to purchase a product with this amazing mineral.

Blue Lagoon - Sri LankaThe blue lagoon will reveal unforgettable views of numerous islands, many exotic birds in the sky and in the trees, impressive monitor lizards similar to crocodiles in the water and beautiful water houses. Your boat journey will, among other things, pass through the water area under vines and trees hanging over your heads, growing almost in the water.

What is included in the price of the tour?
• Comfortable transfer
• Boat
• Entrance tickets
• An unforgettable experience